My Work

Here are brief snapshots of recent work-related projects, blog posts, and presentations I’ve given. I'll try to add to the list over time, but it's mostly reflective of items starting in late 2019. 

More detailed case studies of my website work can be viewed over on

In 2021, Electric Citizen was selected to migrate and redesign the websites for the City of Santa Barbara, CA.

My primary role was to lead the design phase of the project, while also participating in various planning and discovery exercises (sitemap, user workshops, strategic brief). I also led a workshop around privacy experience.

Learn about free and paid options for testing
Strategy and design work for a large university's housing department
I was one of the featured speakers at this annual conference of government and Drupal.
I conducted the latest version of my talk, "The Battle for Online Privacy," for an international audience.
In this blog post for Electric Citizen, I share the lessons I've learned about incorporating privacy concerns into your next site build.
Strategy and design for a redesigned medical magazine
I worked on the strategy and design for new statewide resource, for helping victims of crime in Montana.
For the second year in a row, I presented at this annual tech conference
I was asked by the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits to be a presenter at their monthly meetup, called the Communications Networking Roundtable.
In this webinar for the legal services community, I talked about our experience in redesigning this important state resource.

For this blog post, I talk about the challenges in upgrading Drupal 7 to 8, and how to best approach it.